Established 2016, Guangzhou Haode Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading Walkie Talkie suppliers in China. We offer an extensive range of Professional Portable, Mobile and Fixed Two Way Radio solutions, equipment and infrastructure to support different industries, such as Security, Logistics, Transportation, Railway, Hotel, Supermarket and Government Department like Firefighter Station, etc. In addition, we are an Authorized Motorola Distributor and an Authorized Motorola Service Centre. Welcome to consult and wholesale purchases!


Our advantages

  • Technical and Solutions

    Technical and Solutions

    Our two-way radios are designed with advanced technical specifications that meet the needs of professional users. And we also provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

  • Efficient Production Process

    Efficient Production Process

    We take great care in ensuring that our production process is highly efficient and meets the highest standards of quality control.

  • Excellent Customer Support

    Excellent Customer Support

    Our knowledgeable and responsive customer support team is always available to provide assistance before, during, and after the purchase process.

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